Hunter Jimmy Wilson was out and about in the Everglades when he stumbled upon the crazy sight of a huge python squeezing the life out of a helpless deer.

Wilson, from Miami, was hiking recently near Ochopee and found a python with a little deer in its death grip. Wilson started filming.

In the video, you can hear Wilson firing off some shots. Wilson wounded the python and the snake released its grip. It attempted to get away, but Wilson killed it.

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Wilson then approached the deer. The animal was clearly in shock.

Sun Sentinel/screenshot
Sun Sentinel/screenshot

The hunter got the deer to get up and run off to safety. Even though you can’t see the animal run away, you can hear it.

A friend of Wilson’s told the Naples Daily News that the video was from a few months ago and that he recently got a hold of it at a barbecue.

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“It’s one of a kind, it’s unique, it’s fascinating,” David Chambers said. “I think this can shed light on an important issue.”

The issue Chambers was speaking of was the danger these pythons pose for the Everglades ecosystem if released into the wild.

A hunter stepped in as this huge python squeezed the life out of a helpless deer Sun Sentinel/screenshot
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