While cat videos are usually the only redeemable quality about the Internet, every once in a while the world wide web decides to call somebody out. And that’s exactly what’s happening with one post that’s going viral.

Twitter user “Céy” took a screenshot of a Facebook post in which a man suggests trying his experiment at a restaurant. The Facebook user (who is unnamed) says that he put five dollars on the table and every time the wait staff makes a mistake, he takes a dollar away. At the end, he says, “how ever (sic) much is left, is their tip.”

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The original poster claims that trying the experience will result in “the best service of your life.” He finishes by saying that he did give the waitress the five dollars that he had originally set out. He encourages other people to try it.

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Twitter is up in arms over the tactic. Most people seem to be very upset with the tip to begin with. The generally accepted social protocol for tipping is between 15-20% of the total bill, and it’s pretty tough to find somewhere to eat for what this couple is tipping.

A man played an “experiment” with his waitress, and the Internet is pretty upset about it Twitter/Cey
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