A mom lost her wallet at the store, but the shameless message she got from the thief really takes the cake CBS Los Angeles/screenshot
CBS Los Angeles/screenshot

Talk about pouring salt on an open wound.

A young mom from Torrance, Calif. lost her wallet while shopping at the store, which, as anyone who’s ever lost a wallet can attest, is an awful experience.

But it didn’t end there for Rachel Maestri. It was only just beginning.

Maestri opened up her mailbox and found an envelope with her credit cards, driver’s license and a note that was hard to believe.

“I started reading this letter and I’m like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’” she said. “[T]hey needed the money more than I did so they were keeping the money and a Target gift card,” Maestri said. “Basically anything that couldn’t incriminate them, they kept.”

The thief kept $350 dollars in cash and the rest of Maestri’s Louis Vuitton wallet. The perpetrator proceeded to lecture Maestri to justify the theft.

The full letter:

— shop less

— enjoy more

— don’t keep so much cash on [sic] your wallet

— keep your wallet safe

My sister really needed the money so she is keeping it & the Target gift card was also helpful. Hoping this finds you well on your way to recovery … to letting go of material possessions.

p.s. do your own nails. Stop splurging your money & save. – xoxo.

That is some nerve.

Maestri picked up on the not-so-funny reality that a thief was calling her materialistic.

“It was violated. It was violated [sic] to have somebody act like they know me and somebody who’s stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of stuff to tell me that I’m too materialistic,” she said.

Police continue their investigation, but it’s not clear if there are any leads.

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