A mural of Colin Kaepernick wearing an Atlanta Falcons jersey recently appeared on a building in the city. The painting features the quarterback wearing the #7 jersey that Michael Vick sported during his time with the team.

On the side of the mural, the message “Not all heroes wear capes” is emblazoned in red spray paint against a white brick wall. Fabian Williams, the artist behind the creation, told SB Nation, that he’s got “nothing but love” for the quarterback; explaining, “His stance lines up with Atlanta’s Civil Rights history, and so if anything his presence here would be a good fit, just because of Atlanta’s legacy outside of his ability as a quarterback.”

Kaepernick has been unable to get a spot on an NFL team this season, and many attribute his lack of employment to his decision to protest before games last season by kneeling while the national anthem played. The quarterback led the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl in 2013, but since then his success on the field has floundered.


Williams said that he sees a lot of responses from motorists and pedestrians who see the mural. However, with NFL MVP Matt Ryan quarterbacking for the Falcons, there’s little chance that Kaepernick will find himself wearing a red and black jersey any time soon.

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