A Memphis man’s last action was to run into a bar and broadcast his death on Facebook Live.

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The man was identified by his ex-girlfriend as Jared McLemore, a relatively well-known musician in Memphis. His ill-fated move was reportedly an attempt to kill his ex, and Fox 13 reported that McLemore has a history of domestic violence.

When police arrived they found McLemore badly burned, and he was taken to a medical center, where he died from his injuries. The musician soaked himself in kerosene before charging into Murphy’s, a bar and live music venue where his girlfriend was employed.

A graphic video is circulating online, but we won’t show that here. There is also a video from outside the bar that shows scared people running away.

According to a GoFundMe page set up to help support his ex-girlfriend, he went into the bar and grabbed her hand, rubbing it on his chest to show that he was covered in kerosene. He then crossed the street and set himself on fire, his ex-girlfriend blocked the door to the bar so that he wouldn’t burn any patrons.

At the time of this writing, the GoFundMe started for the woman’s recovery has raised more than $19,000 in 15 hours.

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Shared below is the entire message left on the GoFundMe about what happened:

When Jared McLemore set himself on fire at Murphy’s on May 13, it ended with his tragic death. However, he left many victims, especially Alyssa Moore, his ex, who was the intended target of his rage that night.

Alyssa could use a helping hand or two right now. If you don’t know her, or if you don’t know exactly what happened that night, read on. If you do know, read with us, because this is for her. We will tell you how to help at the end. If you’re impatient or don’t have much time, SCROLL.

Alyssa Moore is beloved in Midtown Memphis. She’s a brilliant audio engineer who owns her own recording studio, a music theory expert who plays guitar, bass and drums. In the evenings she runs live sound at Murphy’s and the Hi-Tone Cafe. She is one of the only woman in Memphis who does that!

On the evening of May 12, 2017, Alyssa went to work running the live soundboard at Murphy’s Bar in Midtown Memphis. This was her first time back at work since her extremely abusive and unstable ex-boyfriend (Jared) broke into her home the week before and threatened her with a gun, after attacking her months before, almost killing her.

That night, unknown to Alyssa, Jared stalked her to her work. What unfolded next was unfathomable, even to those who understood exactly who he was, and his capacity for domestic violence, in order to punish her for failing to get back together with him.

Jared waited until the second band playing that night had finished its set, when he knew Alyssa would walk away from the soundboard.

Jared approached Alyssa and mumbled something about “goodbye,” then grabbed her arm and wiped it on his chest to show he was covered in kerosene. He then walked through the crowded bar, making his presence known to all of the patrons. He crossed the street, and when he saw Alyssa had walked outside, he quickly doused his body with more kerosene and lit himself on fire, streaming on Facebook Live, in full view of onlookers concerned for Alyssa’s safety.

Murphy’s patron Paul Garner tried to stop Jared and ended up hospitalized with second degree burns. Jared ran for Alyssa, in his final attempt to take what he was supposedly denied, by trying to catch her on fire too. Jared underestimated Alyssa though, because she didn’t freeze in fear. She held the door to Murphy’s open for everyone running from him inside to safety. When Jared finally reached the door, Alyssa held it closed trying to lock it to keep him from her and anyone else. He pushed his body against the door and the heat from the flames finally became too much for Alyssa to stand. She made a fast decision and screamed at everyone to “RUN!” and then she ran too.

Not only did she save her own life (again), she stood and faced her attacker while he burned so she could save others. Jared ran inside Murphy’s repeatedly, declaring that “she made me do this” while the remaining patrons watched in horror and used anything they could (jackets, cups of beer, etc.) to try to save him and keep the entire bar from going up in flames.

So now you know the full story.

Alyssa’s situation is urgent as she is self-employed. She needs immediate and weekly trauma therapy. She needs time off from work to heal and process before returning to Murphy’s and the public eye.

And lastly, when she is ready to go back to work, she needs to replace her sound equipment, which was badly damaged by flames, water and fire extinguishers. Not only does Alyssa need our help, she deserves it. Her previous pleas to Memphis PD went ignored. Alyssa’s roommate called the police that night, because she saw Jared lurking and was scared he would do something drastic. They didn’t show.

Alyssa’s pleas to the community for protection were mostly dismissed too. What we know about domestic violence is that this might have been prevented had she been taken seriously.

Let’s show Alyssa that Memphis Believes Women and support her in the process of healing. All donations will immediately and directly go to Alyssa.

That was written by Jessie Anäis Honoré.

McLemore had a history of violence, and he had previously been arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. The video was removed from Facebook, and on his page, a number of musicians he had played with expressed sympathy. Others were critical of his actions.

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