A person claiming to be the son of killer Charles Manson has made a surprising claim for his body.

The alleged son is Michael Brunner, who sent a lawyer on his behalf to court to make the eleventh-hour legal play in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The attorney, Daniel Mortensen, delivered to the court a birth certificate that named Charles Manson as Brunner’s dad and Mary Brunner, an early member of Manson’s cult, as the mother.

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“He wants a quick, dignified cremation. He does not want this dragged out, and he definitely does not want memorabilia collectors ghoulishly making off with the body,” Mortensen told the New York Daily News.

“He’s lived under the shadow of this his entire life. He took his mother’s name. He was a child when the murders occurred, and he would like there to be less memorabilia out there, rather than more. Less reminders, not more.”

Charles Manson is escorted to his arraignment on conspiracy-murder charges in connection with the Sharon Tate murder case, 1969, Los Angeles, Calif. (AP Photo)

Brunner is now the third party to step forward and formally seek Manson’s body through official channels.

Manson died of colon cancer on Nov. 19 at age 83. His corpse has been in cold storage in Kern County, California.

The other two parties wanting Manson’s remains are grandson Jason Freeman, 41, and memorabilia dealer Michael Channels, a Manson pen pal.

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Freeman filed a probate case in December and made an appearance in court Friday. Channels’ attempt to take gain control of Manson’s body came when he submitted an alleged will to Kern County officials. However, it is not clear if Manson signed the will.


There is concern over the will because Freeman told authorities it is fraudulent.

After a judge heard arguments, a decision was made that a Kern County jurist should decide who gets Manson’s body and Los Angeles County should handle his estate.

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Freeman said he welcomes Brunner’s claim to Manson’s body, the Daily News reported.

“That’s Mary Brunner’s boy, and I think it’s great,” Freeman said. “He’s been known to be my grandfather’s boy. I’m not percent sure how that works out in the courts, but if another family member wants to step up and stand beside me, I’m happy.”


Freeman told the newspaper that he wants to have the body cremated and then spread the ashes at a private location. He said he doesn’t want Manson’s remains to end up in the hands of a fan or memorabilia dealer who will turn his body into a tourist destination.

“We don’t want people having my grandfather as a showcase,” Freeman told the Daily News. “I personally don’t want to be the guy that put my grandfather’s remains in somebody’s community. I would never be looked at the same.”

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