A Wisconsin high school senior is speaking out after her first choice for her yearbook photo was rejected because it was deemed “inappropriate.”

After submitting her photo, Eleanor Fitzwilliams was called to meet with the head of the yearbook club at Verona Area High School. The faculty member told her she needed to provide a new photo, reports Today.

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Fitzwilliams’ first-choice photo features the high schooler in a sleeveless shirt with a slightly exposed bralette, which was the point of contention. She says her photo was rejected because visible undergarments are not allowed — but she sees that as contradictory, noting that members of the men’s swim team posed in their racing suits, which are far more revealing than her photo.

While Fitzwilliams provided a backup photo with a more conservative outfit, she says the school is maintaining a double standard. “If the school was okay with them showing a lot more skin than I was, then why couldn’t I show the side of my bralette? It was a sexualization of my bralette,” she told “Today.”

The school has not returned requests for comment from other outlets.

Craig Fitzwilliams, her father, shot the photos himself. He’s on his daughter’s side — and says he doesn’t feel that her outfit was “revealing” at all.

“The last thing I want to do is take an inappropriate photo of my daughter,” he says. “If I thought there was something wrong with it, I would have said something right away.”

Patrick is a content editor for Rare.
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