Employees at an automotive company in Cobram, Victoria, in Australia got a glimpse of nature they didn’t expect, as a venomous redback spider caught a baby snake in its web and poisoned it.

The observers filmed what happened and posted the video on Facebook.

Flickr Creative Commons/Mike Seyfang
Flickr Creative Commons/Mike Seyfang

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“We had a visit today from a baby snake 🐍. Lucky our pet redback found it and killed it for us!” the uploader wrote.

The snake was a baby brown snake, also venomous.

Once in the clutches of the dangerous redback, this snake was toast.

According to the Australian Billabong Sanctuary, the Eastern Brown Snake is rated by most standards as “the snake with the second most toxic venom in the world.”

One thing you might not know about the redback that is sure to make you feel even worse is how they reproduce.

“One unique feature of redbacks’ mating is ‘sexual cannibalism.’ During mating, not only does the female eat the male, but the male actually assists her in this process by flipping his body towards her so that he is closer to her mouthparts,” Lifehacker reported. “Because the cannibalistic process is so slow, mating continues until the male succumbs to his injuries.”

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Australian Reptile Park’s Michael Tate told Daily Mail Australia this redback versus brown snake encounter was a rare one, and that those seeing it would do best by standing back.

“If you were lucky enough to observe this, don’t intervene. Baby snakes are just as toxic as adult ones, so just stand back and let nature take its course,” he said.

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