The British Army wants you to test its woodland camouflage — do you see a soldier in this picture?

In a picture posted to Twitter through their official account, the Army had Twitter users scan the photo — which they say was shot in Wales on the Section Commander’s Battle Course — to find the soldier in the scene.

A hint, in case you’re having any difficulty: They’re not standing up.

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To make things a bit difficult, the soldier is wearing a woodland camouflage pattern designed to blend in with the misty forest terrain.

The uniform could be an example of the Woodland Camo Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP), which was introduced in 2009 and fully implemented by 2011. It’s darker than the woodland camouflage pattern that came before it, No. 8 Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM).

The new uniforms came about to better equip troops serving in the Helmand Province in Afghanistan, where some of the camouflages didn’t transition as smoothly across environments that included desert, verdant “green zones” and urban environments, according to the BBC. The uniforms were designed by Crye Precision, an American company.

“The new camouflage is optimized for all the Afghan background color sets, and in doing so, we never reach a point — which we did with the old colors — where it is actually wrong,” said Lt. Col. Toby Evans at the time. “It’s good enough for everything.”

Is the British uniform good enough for you? If you haven’t found the answer yet, it’s here — the soldier lying prone, enveloped in mist, with just the perfectly round helmet giving any indication that it’s not all forest floor.

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