Only about a quarter of Americans believe that President Donald Trump will “definitely” finish his first term in office.

According to a new poll conducted by USA Today and iMediaEthics, only 27 percent of individuals polled said that Trump “definitely will complete” his first term in office, while 30 percent thought he “probably will” finish it.

The poll also found that 23 percent of Americans think that President Trump “probably won’t” finish his first four years in office, and 13 percent believe he “definitely won’t.”

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Surprisingly, those that believe Trump won’t finish his first term include 11 percent of Republicans.

The results also revealed that Americans are split on whether or not Trump should be removed from office, with 42 percent in favor of impeachment and 42 percent against it. However, 57 percent believe that there is enough evidence now or will be enough evidence in the future to remove Trump from office.

This new poll, like many other polls, spells bad news for Trump.

“These results suggest that Trump is probably the most beleaguered first-term president in the country’s history, and certainly in modern history – highly unpopular among the public, with a significant portion clamoring for his impeachment barely six months after his inauguration,” said David Moore, polling director for

The survey, which was conducted with 1,233 adults between July 17 and 19, has a margin of error of 2.8 percentage points.

A surprisingly small percentage of Americans think President Trump will “definitely” finish his first term AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
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