A New York City teacher and her young son were found dead in their apartment Monday morning, but behind the tragedy lurks a convoluted tale of seduction and chaos.

Felicia Barahona, 36, taught science at Dewitt Clinton High School until 2012, when she was fired for having sex with one of her students. According to the New York Post, Barahona convinced her young lover not to wear a condom; nine months later, her son Miguel appeared.

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Miguel, 4, was found dead in the bathtub in an apparent drowning, and the ex-teacher had an electrical cord wrapped around her neck. Police reported that both mother and son had been deceased for a few days by the time their bodies were discovered.

The New York Times spoke to a relative who said that Miguel was the name of the student Barahona seduced; the relative also stated that “they were, under the circumstances, a happy family.”

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The bodies were discovered by the building super, who detected a foul odor and used the fire escape to look through the window. He noticed the mother lying on the floor and called 911.

While it appears to be a murder-suicide, the deaths of the teacher and her son are still under investigation.

A Daily Mail article from the time of the affair states that Barahona and her student-lover’s tryst lasted four months, until she threw him out for drinking.

A teacher who made a name for herself as a seductress has been found dead with the child her student fathered Facebook/Felicia Barahona
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