A Texas family has real live buffalo as a pet that comes and goes as it pleases and doesn’t break anything

Inside Edition/screenshot

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When it comes to domestic pets, you might say the Bridges family is winging it.

Ronnie and Sherron Bridges let a buffalo named “Wild Thing” roam where the deer and the antelope play. Well, not exactly.

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Wild Thing, 11, has free rein to walk around the house.

Inside Edition/screenshot
Inside Edition/screenshot

“He’s a house pet,” Ronnie Bridges told Inside Edition. “Outside, he plays really rough, but inside the house, he’s really a gentleman.”

“It was kind of my idea to bring Wild Thing in the house,” Sherron Bridges said. “We bring the dogs in the house, and [Ronnie] said, ‘You don’t understand – he’s a buffalo, we might not have a house left.’ [But] we brought him in the house, and ever since then, he’s been in the house.”

The 2,500-pound beast even goes to the bathroom outside unprompted.

“He never uses the bathroom in the house,” Sherron Bridges added. “He walks right out, potties, [then] turns around and comes right back in the house. It amazes me, because how would you potty train a buffalo?”

The buffalo doesn’t break things in the house.

Inside Edition/screenshot
Inside Edition/screenshot

“It’s like having a small car in the house. He’s real careful about not knocking anything in the house, but he tears up my house on the outside,” Ronnie said. “I think he knows the house is my territory, and outside is his territory.”

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Make no mistake, this buffalo has risen to the level of family pet.

“Our son and our daughter, they both call Wild Thing their brother, they grew up together in the house,” Sherron said. “Our grandson, he’s 3, he absolutely loves Wild Thing. He calls him ‘Thing Thing,’ and he loves helping grandpa feed him. He just can’t touch him.”

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