A Texas kindergarten teacher has admitted to taking her Snapchat relationships to an inappropriate level Lukfin Police Department

A Texas educator is unlikely to see a classroom any time soon after she admitted to having sex with four students. Thirty-eight-year-old Heather Lee Robertson was arrested on Saturday and charged with four counts of “improper relationship between educator and student.” Fox Carolina reported that an affidavit shows that the investigation began on April 20 and that a high school student began “chatting and sexting with Robertson through Snapchat.” When she asked him to come to her apartment, the student asked to bring a friend. Robertson reportedly had sex with the students simultaneously.

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The investigation led to two more students coming forward who revealed sexual histories with Robertson. Both of those students said that they would sneak out, and Robertson would pick them up and take them back to her apartment.

When confronted, Robertson admitted to the charges and stated that she “had recently become a heavy drinker and would sometimes not remember the details of the encounters.” According to the Lufkin News, Robertson was arrested when a police officer pulled her over in traffic.

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The superintendent of the district where Robertson was employed told The Lufkin News that they became aware of the allegations on Thursday morning and that Robertson had resigned by that afternoon. She also said that the investigation has been finalized.

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