A ticked off silverback gorilla grabbed a stick and let everyone know whose house they were in

YouTube/Jonathan Bertschi

Somewhere, Harambe is smiling down upon the silverback in Sweden who is sticking it to the man (zoos) by, well, hurling sticks.

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Video uploaded to YouTube by Jonathan Burtschi shows the gorilla, not once but twice, hurling sticks at zoo-goers taking in the view at Kolmården Wildlife Park.

“This Gorilla[‘s] thought[s] would be quite intersting. He stared at all the visitors and was very angry about them. This shows us that theyre even in a big ‘cage’ like this are not comfortable,” the uploader wrote.

Stick one


Stick two


This time, the gorilla hurled the stick right at a group of humans as if to say, ‘Get out of my house’ or ‘I am not entertainment.’

Everyone was amazed. Sign him up, he has a decent arm.

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The clearly agitated gorilla started taking out its frustration on fellow gorillas and ended up getting chased all around the enclosure.

He lost.

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