A twisted serial killer who stabbed a victim 98 times clapped in court when sentenced

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Frightening video at the conclusion of a serial killer’s trial in South Africa showed a man who not only felt no remorse, but who also actively reveled in his crimes.

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Cameron Wilson, 20, clapped and smiled in the faces of families whose loved ones he stole away in a string of heinous murders.

IOL reported that Wilson, who has gotten four life sentences and and additional 71 years for his crimes, sarcastically said, “At least I’m still alive,” clapped and smirked as Western Cape High Court Judge Chantel Fortuin handed down the punishment.

The crimes included five murders, one rape and three attempted murders.

One of Wilson’s victims, 18-year-old Lekita Moore, was stabbed 98 times, while 16-year-old Stacey Lee Mohale was stoned to death, raped and set on fire.

IOL’s description of his reaction to the mentions of these murders and the life sentences in court are hard to swallow.

At the mention of the murder of the two teens Wilson showed a smirk, followed by a giggle before moving restlessly on the bench. He also wiped his face a few times and rolled his eyes at the mention of the four life terms.

Moore’s father Charles is demanding that Wilson experience the pain he’s caused.

“I cry every night for my child. She was my everything. He took my source of energy away. She is never coming back to us,” he said. “He must feel the same way we feel. No one should be able to see him, not even his family. He is a serial killer.”

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Remarkably, despite all of these life sentences, Wilson is still eligible for parole in 25 years. We’re going to guess that these court videos will ensure he never walks free again.

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