A video of a blogger getting kicked off a plane for speaking Arabic is raising a lot of eyebrows Twitter/Adam Saleh

Adam Saleh, a New York City video blogger, is catching attention this morning after he uploaded a video on Twitter that garnered 115,000 retweets in just over three hours.

In the video, Saleh claims he was thrown off a Delta Air Lines flight for speaking in Arabic to one of his friends on the plane. The blogger can be heard saying, “we’re getting kicked out because we spoke a different language.” While some of the passengers seem sympathetic, others can be seen giving him the finger and heard yelling “goodbye.”

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Saleh continued to tweet after the incident, saying that the police were brought in to speak to him and his friends, and then later that they were being security checked again.

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While the incident is upsetting, airlines might have a good reason not to let the blogger on board. Last week he posted a video in which he claimed that he sent himself across Australia on a plane in the baggage claim. The video features Adam tucked into a suitcase and sweating.

The clip got over 700,000 views on YouTube, prompting the airline to tweet at him and claim that the video was a hoax, as he was actually on board the flight. Mediaite also reported that a YouTube video he filmed a few months ago featured a hoaxed fight designed to highlight anti-Muslim sentiment.

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