A Virginia firefighter went missing near a local national park, and police are asking for help finding her

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The search is underway for Nicole K. Mittendorff, a 31-year-old firefighter who went missing Friday in the Shenandoah National Park, according to the Virginia State Police, ABC7 reports.

Police say there is no evidence that foul play was involved in her disappearance and are primarily searching the region of White Oak Canyon Trail, where her 2009 Mini Cooper was discovered Saturday night.

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However, according to Virginia State Police, the search was suspended Sunday evening.

“At this stage of the search and investigation, there is no evidence to suggest anything suspicious in nature of her disappearance,” Virginia State Police said in a press release Sunday.

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Police described Mittendorff as a 5-foot 6 inch tall white woman, with blonde hair and green eyes, weighing 125 pounds. They also said the last time she was in contact with her family was on April 13. Her father even posted on Facebook saying the last time he heard from her was through a text message.

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On Saturday night, Virginia State Police and U.S. National Park Police searched Madison County by both ground and air and continued the search on Sunday.

Police say they suspended Sunday evening’s search because of the “remote nature of the area and treacherous terrain.”

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Mittendorff’s father told ABC7 she may have gone on a trail in the park to prepare for an upcoming race, describing her as an active runner and athlete.

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Mittendorff’s sister told ABC7 in a phone interview that her missing sister is passionate about her job, and when she wasn’t there on Friday, they started to worry.

Her sister also said the family is asking for the asking for the public’s help in finding her.

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“We’re just hoping that people will see her picture, notice her picture be aware if they see anything please contact Virginia State Police. We hope that the effort of Virginia State Police and others are successful and that a very safe resolution for everyone is in our future,” Mittendorff’s sister told ABC7.

To help with the search efforts, the family created a website and Facebook page.

Anyone with information is advised to contact Virginia State Police and call 703-803-0026 or #77, 911, or email questions to @vsp.virgina.gov.

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