A wife’s underage affair was uncovered by her cop husband, and his twisted response is just the beginning

Robin and Keith Transue

A Pennsylvania cop and his wife have both pleaded guilty to charges stemming from her murder-for-hire plot against her husband and his plans to blackmail her for having an affair with a minor.

Keith Transue, 43, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor criminal coercion, while his wife Robin Transue, also 43, pleaded guilty to felony solicitation to commit aggravated assault and statutory sexual assault.

According to court documents, Robin told an informant she had engaged in an intimate relationship with a 14-year-old in 2010, which her Bushkill Township police officer husband uncovered. Ofc. Transue reportedly threatened to expose his wife’s illicit affair if she left him. The informant, Richard Warner, was a friend of the couple and went to authorities, saying that Robin had contacted him asking him to kill her husband, reported The Daily Mail.

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She reportedly suggested various ways for Warner to kill her husband, including a drug overdose or a hunting accident. Warner was wired in order to capture the contract killing plot on tape. According to a press release from the District Attorney, “As problems in the marriage continued to mount, Robin became more desperate. She had looked up the statute of limitations for her sexual crimes and realized the time wasn’t close to running out.” According to prosecutors, Ofc. Warner convinced the parents of the teen — who were family friends — with whom his wife was having an inappropriate relationship not to report the abuse and threatened the teen to remain silent and turn over text messages regarding their affair, reported the Pocono Record.

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The pair are scheduled to be sentenced on March 20. Keith Transue, a 12 year veteran with the Bushkill Township Police Department, remains on paid leave.

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