Her tipsy tirade on a flight drove a doctor to say “I’m not sitting next to that psychotic”

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A JetBlue flight headed from the Dominican Republic to New York City last summer had to be diverted, allegedly because a woman who was apparently drunk tossed snacks, cursed at other passengers and flirtatiously fondled another passenger’s head, according to court documents, NBC reports.

Robin Dorothy Ducore is accused of causing quite the stir aboard the airplane. She was arrested following the alleged midair outburst on the flight heading into John F. Kennedy International Airport on July 29.

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The diversion forced more than 100 fellow passengers to get off in Washington, D.C., according to an affidavit that was unsealed this week.

Ducore is charged with interfering with a flight crew, which is a federal offense. She faces up to 20 years behind bars if convicted. She is set to appear in court in Virginia on Friday.

According to court documents, Ducore downed four glasses of wine in 90 minutes, and when she tried to order more, the attendant cut her off, leading Ducore to reportedly lose control. Her attorney said she was drunk when she boarded the plane, according to NBC.

The affidavit states that Ducore began to touch the male passenger next to her, and that he seemed uncomfortable. When the attendant moved the passenger to another seat, Ducore became angry, the affidavit claims. A doctor volunteered to sit next to her, but it took only a few minutes, according to the documents, for her to proclaim, “I’m not sitting next to that psychotic.”

The doctor reportedly stated that during her brief time next to her, Ducore hugged her so tightly that she was concerned about sustaining an injury and cried about a family member.

A flight attendant stated in the affidavit that Ducore’s behavior began to “deteriorate as she grew increasingly loud and began to curse,” according to Heavy.

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The doctor reportedly later said that Ducore was acting “like a caged animal” and that she yelled “you leave me like everyone leaves!” as she cursed and kicked the seat in front of her.

Flight attendants reportedly tried to calm Ducore down by giving her extra snacks and a bottle of water, but those moves only seemed to infuriate her more, and she allegedly hurled the water bottle and food across the jet.

According to the affidavit, Ducore allowed herself to be restrained with plastic handcuffs but continued to complain about hating her personal life and told passengers and crew to leave her alone, though the documents state she did not threaten anyone, according to Heavy.

However, per the documents, Ducore managed to extricate herself from the cuffs after about five minutes, called a flight attendant a “f*****g a*****e” and kicked him in the leg, after which she again cooled off and was cuffed. She reportedly passed out soon after.

At that point, however, the plane’s crew had already made the decision to land in Washington.

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