A woman dropped her cell phone on a carpet and people are freaking out trying to find it

trippy carpet photo Facebook/Heather Rooney

This photo is so trippy!

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Over the weekend, a photo of a carpet went viral on Facebook and seriously blew everyone’s minds!

The crazy, controversial pic is of a carpet with a single white table, but look closely because there’s something else there.

Heather Rooney, a DJ on “The Morning After” show on 98.9 The Bear in Fort Wayne, Ind., shared the viral photo on her Facebook page, writing, “the latest thing driving the internet crazy: A woman dropped her cell phone on her rug. Can you see where it landed?”

Take a few minutes and check it out for yourself. (Don’t worry, it took us a while to find it, but we promise it’s there!)

Don’t see it yet? We’ll give you a hint.

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Check out the upper right-hand corner next to the table’s leg. You’ll see the back of the case pretty clearly.

Once you find it, it’s impossible to un-see!

What do you think?

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