A woman fearing her boyfriend’s suicide went too far to stop him — now he’s the one mourning

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In a tragic tale of love gone wrong, a 23-year-old woman accidentally killed herself while attempting to stop her boyfriend’s suicide.

Corinne Nicole Hayes of Manchester, U.K. feared Brian Marshall, 33, was about to kill himself when she sent him a text message saying, “If you are going to do it, so am I. Meet you on the other side.”

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Hayes reportedly thought Marshall would find her in time, but that turned out not to be the case. The healthcare worker was discovered in her apartment hanging from a door.

According to her mother, Mandy Hayes, the younger Hayes had not truly meant to commit suicide — she had made plans to attend a music festival with friends the next day. Mrs. Hayes blames Marshall — who reportedly had a history of mental illness — for leading her daughter down this path.

“As far as I knew she had never attempted to self harm and she was always so happy,” she said to the Daily Mail. “Anything that was said about Brian she would just brush off because she knew I didn’t like him. They had been trying for a baby but he used to get her down by the way he spoke to her about it.”

The couple had allegedly had an argument the night before Corinne was found dead after she discovered Marshall throwing a party he didn’t invite her to. The pair engaged in a physical scuffle which reportedly continued over text, with Hayes at one point writing, “If you are going to do something I couldn’t hack it. I couldn’t live without you.”

Another message read, “What about your kids, what about your nan? I am going to have to tell her everything, I can’t deal with this.”

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According to James Brooks — one of Marshall’s friends who was at the party and an initial police suspect — believed that “Brian may have expressed a wish to harm himself that night.”

Coroner Joanne Kearsley concluded that Hayes death was not a matter of foul play like initially thought, but a tragedy.

“This is a young girl with no history of mental health issues. I don’t believe this was a young girl who intended to die that night,” she said. “I think this was a very misguided attempt to him to seek help or get his attention. I don’t accept that she intended to take her life.”

Her mother remembers the godmother of three fondly.

“Corinne had been working as a support worker and had been studying level three child care and had an NVQ in social care. She was kind and sociable and had a heart of gold – she was everyone’s best friend.”

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