A 27-year-old mother from Portland, Ore., stands accused of attempting to sell sex with her 3-year-old girl to a stranger on the internet.

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Kelsey Christine Wheeler, 27, was arrested last week by the FBI following a child porn investigation connected with a Eugene, Ore., man. Oregon Live has since identified the man as Barret Spangler. Detailed in that story is Spangler admitting to “viewing illicit photos of children” and the Wheeler encounter.

Spangler said he and Wheeler, who named herself online as Kelly Kox, discussed sex fantasies and “mother-daughter” scenarios, culminating in offers of cash for sex.

Wheeler admitted that Spangler offered $6,000 but said she was repulsed due to past abuse and claimed that she played along because she planned to rob Spangler. But it is also alleged Wheeler offered an “encounter” with her child for $1,000.

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office

Authorities dug deeper into Wheeler’s background and found a Child Protective Services report from Las Vegas that said she, a man and child were found in a room all wearing “minimal clothing.”

When investigators mentioned that report, Wheeler “admitted that it looked ‘very bad’ for her” and that she “understood why investigators thought she was trafficking her child.”

Wheeler also said that she’s worked now and then as a prostitute since she was 15.

An unnamed neighbor called the news “disturbing” in an interview with KATU.

“I personally wouldn’t put myself or my child in that situation,” that neighbor said. “That is disturbing.”

The woman has been hauled into the Multnomah County jail without bail.

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She faces a federal charge of attempted sex trafficking of a child.

A woman is accused of a disturbing sex crime involving her 3-year-old girl that’s as sickening as it gets Multnomah County Sheriff's Office
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