Police think she murdered and dismembered her boyfriend — and he may not be the only victim

Daytona Beach Police -- Nelci Tetley, 67, is accused of murdering and dismembering her boyfriend, and is also a person of interest in a similar cold case murder of a man she once dated.

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Police believe they might have put together the pieces of a cold case, a grisly unsolved murder from 10 years ago. The suspect is a woman arrested last week and who is also accused of murdering her boyfriend before severing his arms and legs, the New York Daily News reports.

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Nelci Tetley, 67, was arrested on a first-degree murder charge in connection with the death of Jeffrey Albertsman. His decomposing body was found at his Daytona Beach, Florida, home in July. Tetley faces a first-degree murder charge.

After Albertsman’s mother requested a welfare check, police found a gruesome scene: the 54-year-old lying face down with arms severed at the elbows and and his legs at the hips, the arrest affidavit stated. His limbs were nowhere to be found.

According to police, an autopsy on Albertsman’s remains concluded that he was fatally shot in the head and chest before his limbs were cut off.

Albertsman’s limbs were later found at a fernery in Volusia County, Florida, in September.

A swab from Tetley’s cheek matched the DNA found at the scene, which was about 20 miles away from Albertsman’s home, according to the affidavit.

She is now considered a person of interest in connection to the death of Michael Scott Louis. His remains were found in bags in Florida’s Tomoka State Park in December 2007, and the case has gone unsolved for a decade.

Tetley and Louis dated, and Louis’ sister told investigators that her 27-year-old brother had become something of a loner, staying away from his friends and becoming distant after getting into the relationship with Tetley.

The key clue that pointed investigators to Tetley was that the cuts found on Louis’ body resembled those on Albertsman’s body.

Tetley had also been previously arrested in October 2016 when dating Albertsman. She slapped him and told him, “I could kill you tonight if I wanted,” according to police.

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Tetley served 11 months of probation for that altercation. Neighbors told investigators that she frequently stalked her boyfriend.

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