A Georgia woman is speaking out after she was told that she and fellow passengers would not be permitted to sing the National Anthem to honor a fallen Green Beret whose remains were on board the flight.

Pamela Gaudry said that when she found out that Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright’s remains were on their flight, that she and other passengers decided to stand and sing the “Star Spangled Banner” as soldiers removed his casket from the cargo hold, WTOC reported.

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But a flight attendant allegedly told Gaudry, who identified herself as the wife of a now-deceased Navy Captain, that singing the song was against Delta’s policy and that “everybody is going to stay in their seats and be quiet.”

“I’m humiliated by my lack of courage to sing the national anthem in my own country on American soil with a deceased soldier on the plane,” Gaudry said. “I just sat there with tears rolling down my face.”

Gaudry added, “Hundreds of thousands of people now know that Dustin Wright died for our country and there were a lot of people on the plane that wanted to honor him. Hundreds of thousands of people are praying for this family now that weren’t.”

Her video has been viewed more than 588,000 times since it was posted on Oct. 14.

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Delta has since reached out to Gaudry and said that it was not company policy and that the flight attendant “made some bad decisions in trying to make this situation go away.”

Gaudry was told by company officials that the company will have training in the future in response to the event, WTOC reported.

A widow honoring a fallen hero on a flight transporting him home was told to “be quiet” Facebook/Pamela Dee Gaudry, U.S. Army photo