A WWE star took to Twitter after she says the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) violated her.

CJ Perry, better known by stage name Lana, reportedly had a disturbing incident with the TSA at Boston Logan Airport:

“The most inappropriate behavior @BostonLogan TSA is doing to me. I have never felt this violated in my entire life,” she tweeted.

Perry tweeted out a thank you to an officer that helped resolved her issue:

“I want to thank the American Police officer this am that helped resolve what I was put through today with TSA. Thank you,” she said.

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The Boston Logan Airport responded to Perry on Twitter with an apology and a link to report the incident:

The TSA has faced severe backlash over accusations of overly aggressive screening, including one popular 2016 incident with a disabled teenager. The agency has also faced accusations of ineffectiveness, as a 2015 report showed that the TSA failed 95 percent of undercover airport security tests, missing weapons and explosives.

A WWE star took to Twitter after feeling “violated” by the TSA AP Photo/John Bazemore
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