An 18-month-old boy injured in an accident involving a riding lawn mower in Logan County has died, according to the Bellefontaine Examiner.

The accident was reported around 2 p.m. Monday in Rushylvania, Ohio, a village The Associated Press reported is about 50 miles northwest of Columbus, Ohio.

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Logan County Sheriff Randall Dodds said Elias Dickinson has been identified as the victim.

Investigators believe the boy’s father was attempting to jump-start the lawnmower with a pickup truck when the 18-month-old became pinned between the two, Dodds said.

It’s being treated as an accident, Dodds said, but criminal charges can’t be ruled out.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office will continue to investigate the death.

18-month-old boy killed in a tragic lawnmower accident AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster