The Vernal Equinox has hit. On March 19th, 2020 at exactly 11:50 p.m. EDT spring, believe it or not, sprung. This according to the 2020 Farmer’s Almanac, which says that this year’s Spring Equinox is the earliest in 124 years. (That might explain why spring might not feel so, um, springy, in your neck of the woods yet.)

But, technically — while we’re all stuck inside practicing good social distancing and self-isolation measures to help stop the spread of Coronavirus — spring is here. So what does that mean for both the weather and the virus?

First, Coronavirus. Per Accuweather, increased UV light, which comes with the Vernal Equinox, typically has an adverse effect on viruses.

If the coronavirus behaves like most other viruses, then as the sun grows stronger day by day as we head towards the summer solstice, the stronger sun and increased hours of sunshine may start to take their toll on the virus, thereby helping to slow its spread, particularly as the sun gets stronger in April and May,” said AccuWeather Founder and CEO Dr. Joel N. Myers.

Unfortunately, according to the 2020 Farmer’s Almanac Spring Forecast, this spring isn’t going to be as sunny as we’d hope even if we weren’t beset by the worst case of food poisoning in the history of the world. The Farmer’s Almanac predicts a wet and stormy spring.

Farmer's Almanac Forecast Map Spring 2020
Farmer’s Almanac

Just what we were all hoping for! The Farmer’s Almanac predicts chilly and wet weather in the Northeastern United States, cool and shower weather in the southeast, cool and stormy weather in Texas, and cold and wet weather in the Rust Belt and upper Midwest. California and the American Southwest won’t be much better, with the Farmer’s Almanac predicting the region is going to slow to warm up, though at least it’ll be dry. In the Pacific Northwest, one of the regions of the United States hit hardest by Coronavirus, the forecast is cool-to-warm weather and average precipitation (which, for them, is still a lot).


Not buying the Farmer’s Almanac forecast? Check out their Winter 2020 predictions below. They were, as usual, pretty spot on.

Winter 2020

Get ready for a winter full of wild temperature swings and some pretty crazy precipitation too. The Farmer’s Almanac for 2020 is out and it’s predicting a winter that it describes as a “Polar Coaster Winter”. Like a roller coaster, but with coldness. Get it? You get it.

In case you were wondering, they pretty much nailed it last year too. They usually do.

Snowfall is going to be a big factor in the winter wildness too according to America’s most trusted weather forecast. Expect greater than average sleet and snow across the eastern third of the country, making things especially frosty. The Great Plains, Midwest, and the Great Lakes are also going to get hit hard. (Doubly so for the Great Lakes, a region that is also facing the coldest temperatures.) The west coast — from the southwest and California to the Pacific Northwest — should see relatively normal precipitation levels and normal temperatures, however.

Farmers’ Almanac

So who’s getting hit the worst in this wild ride of a winter prediction? The coldest outbreak by far is going to be right up through the middle of the country, from the Texas Panhandle through the northern plains and up to the Great Lakes. Specifically, the Almanac predicts that during the third or final week of January, or maybe as late as the beginning of February, the entire region is probably going to hit with a powerful storm. The storm is going to drag arctic air into the middle of the country and cause temperatures to plummet.


New England will have colder than usual temperatures as well for much of the winter as well, and that region too will see a wintry mix of rain and hefty snowfalls.

Oh and don’t expect spring to bail you out. It’s coming late (because of course, it is). The Almanac is calling for a slow-starting spring and a long, arduous thawing process. Multiple parts of the country may be seeing frigid temperatures and even a good amount of snow until April because we all know that April blizzards bring May flowers or something like that.

For the full rundown on what the weather will be like you can purchase The 2020 Farmer’s Almanac and find out just exactly how teeth-chattering your winter is going to be.

This post was originally published on August 26, 2019.


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