Plenty of people are still wondering what motivated Kathy Griffin to share a controversial display of a fake, severed head of President Trump in the name of comedy.

For example, Norm Macdonald, formerly of “Saturday Night Live,” took to Twitter to question the logistics of Griffin’s display:

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Macdonald questioned Griffin’s setup:

“In the picture, Trump is conveyed as a victim a la Daniel Pearl, while [Griffin] is portrayed as a pitiless ISIS killer,” he tweeted. “Shouldn’t the President have been the killer holding [Griffin’s] head and brandishing a rusty coat hanger. Still odious but makes sense?”

“If you’re trying to make a point, [Griffin], think one through that, in any way, makes sense. I pray the blood on your hands remains fake,” he finished.

A beloved “SNL” star didn’t think Kathy Griffin’s controversial bloody Trump photo made any sense Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP
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