A carpool lane cheater caught driving with a weird mannequin in the passenger’s seat gets exactly what’s coming to him

The California Highway Patrol says they catch carpool lane violations “every day.” Not every one of them is so elaborate, though.

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In a Facebook post that’s going viral, the law enforcement agency’s Santa Rosa division posted a photo of the mannequin used by one California driver to make it look like he had a woman riding shotgun. But it was a mannequin in sunglasses and a black hoodie.

In fact, the CHP says that hoodie was key to catching the violator. They wrote that officer Ken Enger “spotted this young lady in the passenger seat of a carpool driver” and, being “a trained observer of human nature and fashion, concluded it was far to warm for such a thick hoody [sic].”

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He stopped the car in question and issued a ticket. The man told police he had a long commute, from Lake County to Novato, but it didn’t help. Those tickets hurt too, as carpool violations start at $491, according to the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat.

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