A Connecticut man has been jailed on a $1 million bond after allegedly murdering his wife in 2015

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Police and prosecutors say Richard Dabate, 40, of Ellington, Conn., fatally shot his wife, Connie, 39, in the back of the head in 2015.

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Videos by Rare

Dabate was arrested on Friday and formally charged for her murder. Details of the murder were presented.

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When officers found Dabate, he was tied to a chair in the couple’s house. He had knife wounds and told police that robbers had killed his wife and tied him up. But a police sniffing dog, several story changes and the revelation of Dabate’s pregnant girlfriend suggested otherwise.

Despite Dabate’s original story, the pregnant girlfriend confessed that his wife was unaware of the child. The girlfriend also reported that Dabate told her he would divorce his wife.

Dabate appeared in court on Monday where his bail remained set for $1 million.

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