A Connecticut man says police officers Tased him and beat him up over a gesture

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Connecticut man Amin Hasan is speaking out about his arrest after he says police beat him up and Tased him after he flipped them off.

The 40-year-old said that he flipped off Stamford police officers after he was harassed in a traffic stop a year before, reports New York Daily News.

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“His partner told me to stop and pull over,” Hasan recalled. “Next thing you know it, he told me to get out of the car and to fight him.”

Hasan said that he did not leave his car, prompting one of the officers to Tase him in the stomach. Hasan said that he told the officers he was exiting the car, and that he knew they were going to beat him up.

Disturbing footage of the incident shows officers punching Hasan and kicking him while he’s on the ground.

Following the incident, it was reported that Lt. Diedrich Hohn and Officer William Petrone pulled Hasan over to ask if there was an issue. The officers alleged that Hasan threatened to “kill all you [expletive] cops” in response. They then said that Hasan was going to be charged with threatening to kill police officers at the time he exited the vehicle.

The officers also reported that they believed Hasan to be reaching for something under his coat, which then led to the incident.

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Hasan was taken to the hospital for an evaluation. A prong from the Taser was still stuck in his chest.

Rev. Kevin McCall of the National Action Network was thankful for the video.

“His would be another case that the police would get away with,” he said. “We need to meet with the Stamford Police Department for them to bring justice to this innocent man.”

“I’m sick of being harassed by these officers,” Hasan said.

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