Update, 8:25 p.m.: Authorities revealed that the note contained calculations of distance and trajectory from the 32nd-floor windows of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

As law enforcement officials work to uncover the motive behind Stephen Paddock’s evil murders of 58 innocent people, they are examining a mysterious note that was discovered in his hotel room.

In a Friday press conference, Las Vegas Undersheriff Kevin McMahill confirmed the existence of the note, saying that it included a series of numbers. However, McMahill said, “We have yet to uncover what those numbers are or mean.”

Previously, Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo stated that the note was not a manifesto or suicide note, the New York Times reports.

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At another point in the press conference, McMahill did not speculate as to whether Paddock had an accomplice; however, he did say that the department is confident that there was not another shooter in the room. The undersheriff also said that the numbers may have been range calculations.

The FBI seized computers belonging to Paddock when they raided his house just after the shooting. One former FBI official told the New York Times that he’s confident that the bureau will be able to at least come up with a possible motive, saying, “The F.B.I. is pretty good at looking at the nooks and crannies of someone’s life. The bureau will end up with a hypothesis. Whether the bureau can prove it is a separate question.”

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