A family was dumbfounded when their pet golden retriever dug up a whole lot of hard drugs in the backyard Yamhill County Sheriff's Office
Yamhill County Sheriff's Office

A family in Yamhill County, Ore. has discovered that their pet golden retriever is actually an amateur drug-sniffing dog with a pretty incredible nose. When 18-month-old Kenyon started digging in the backyard, they thought he’d found a time capsule but the pup was on to something much nastier — black tar heroin.

Kenyon discovered a goldmine of the drugs — around $85,000 worth, according to KATU. The family even filmed themselves opening it but when they discovered what was inside, they immediately contacted authorities.

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Police say Kenyon discovered 15 ounces of the drug. Sheriff Tim Svenson even awarded the dog with a Yamhill County K9 Citation ribbon and named him an “honorary narcotics K9” for life.

While most of us might be accustomed to seeing German Shepherds as drug-sniffing dogs, Psychology Today reports that beagles, basset hounds and bloodhounds are all the best at sniffing out something funky.

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