A father of 2 is outraged, saying his family meal at Burger King was cut short by an R-rated interruption

Left: Richard Avery says his stepsons were exposed to a sex scene at Burger King. (Video/WXYZ - Detroit, MI) Right: FILE - This Wednesday June 20, 2012 file photo shows a Burger King sign in Richardson, Texas. British and Irish burger fans could face a Whopper shortage after Burger King announced Thursday Jan. 24, 2013, it has stopped buying beef from an Irish meat processor whose patties were found to contain traces of horse DNA. (AP Photo/LM Otero, File)

A Michigan father wants justice after his children were allegedly exposed to a raunchy sex scene during a meal at their local Burger King.

“It almost seemed like a scripted pornographic film,” Richard Avery said after he and his 7- and 8-year-old stepsons reportedly witnessed a graphic scene playing on the restaurant’s TVs. “My oldest son said to my youngest son, ‘Don’t look up at the TV.'”

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Much to his surprise, Avery said he glanced at the television to see an explicit scene in which “this guy was fondling this woman’s breast” and “thrusting on a woman.” The embarrassed and angry stepfather recalled, “I couldn’t believe that would be on a TV in any public place.”

A companion of Avery’s added that other adult customers were shocked to see the scene playing on TV as well, saying, “There was another couple in there, and the guy was watching it. And his wife yelled at him, ‘You’re a nasty horndog.'”

According to Avery, he asked employees to turn off the television or change the channel, but “they didn’t take it seriously at all” and continued taking people’s orders as the movie played. Finally, he said he took it upon himself to shut the TV off.

Burger King has since responded to the allegation in a statement: “We value and encourage a culture of care and respect for all guests. This behavior does not reflect our brand values or the values of the franchisee who independently owns and operates this restaurant. The franchisee is investigating this incident thoroughly.”

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In the meantime, however, Avery has already filed a police report because he believes the ordeal will “torment” his older son, who he says suffers from ADHD and has a photographic memory.

“Someone has to pay,” he said.

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