It was bear-y close to being a disaster!

A Florida man is sharing photographs he took of a giant black bear that he and his family say took a break from the rain on their front step on July 28.  WJXT reports that Warren Woodard, of Longwood, came home to a warning from his wife: There was a bear asleep on the front porch.

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He didn’t believe her until he saw it with his own eyes. And he’s ever-so-happy he went in by the garage, not the front door.

The bear, by his estimate, was “6 or 7 feet” tall and fast asleep. He guesses that the bear took shelter on his porch to get out of recent rain.

After snapping some pictures, he called police. The first responding official  a neighborhood police officer wouldn’t even pull into the driveway, Woodard says. Then another showed up. And then the bear woke up.

The startled animal got up and ran at first, right in Woodard’s direction. Woodard didn’t know that until a police officer shouted, “Look out!”

“If I had walked around that corner, and the car was parked here and [I] seen that bear laying there, it might have had me at the hospital,” he told WJXT.

Patrick is a content editor for Rare.
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