A Florida man was so stunned when he discovered a surprising visitor in his swimming pool on Monday morning that he woke his wife up to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

“I saw the gator, and I couldn’t even,” Janet Rosa said after her husband Matt Fino convinced her to get out of bed and check out the 8-foot alligator swimming in their pool. “I was in total shock.”

“Every morning I walk out to the halfway point of the pool and put Charlie down here,” Fino said of the couple’s dog. “He usually goes about to do his business.”

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When Charlie went to get a drink of water that morning, however, Fino noticed the big reptile calmly swimming in the pool.

“It’s an eye opener,” he said. “You want to jump on him. So freaking cool.”

The family eventually called the police, who arrived at the home and then contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. It was then arranged for a gator trapper to come by to remove the animal. Luckily, no one was injured in the process.

“For one city resident their morning routine was anything but routine,” the Boca Raton Police Services Department shared on Facebook along with pictures of the alligator. “This morning they woke up and found an 8 foot alligator in their pool on SW 14th Drive. A Boca Raton Police Officer stood by, at a safe distance, while waiting for MyFWC to arrive and remove it.”

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As for the family and their dog, they’ll be using a little more caution during their morning routine from now on.


“There is absolutely no doubt that every morning when I open that door, I’ll be staring at the pool first,” Fino said.

“It’s not just the spiders and the frogs,” Rosa added. “Now, when you go out there with the dogs, it’s the spiders, the frogs and the gators.”

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