Young father Zach Waring says he was forced to drive his truck over another man’s car out of fear that a road rage incident was about to turn deadly.

Waring, his girlfriend and their 11-month-old child were driving in their Ford F-150 in Ocala, Florida, on Wednesday when another driver, 53-year-old Adalbert Aponte, in a Toyota Camry began driving erratically, almost causing several accidents. Waring claims that when he stopped at a red light, Aponte pulled up next to him, jumped out of his car and began hitting Waring in the face through his open window.

Waring’s panicked girlfriend told Aponte they had a gun in the truck — even though they didn’t — in an attempt to scare him off. However, Aponte simply replied, “I’ll show you a real gun” and returned to his car.

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Unable to escape by driving through the red light, Waring backed his truck up and drove up and over Aponte’s Camry. After witnesses confirmed Waring’s account of the story, police arrested Aponte for burglary, battery and criminal mischief. They did not, however, say whether or not they found a gun in his car.

A Florida man was forced to take extreme measures during this insane road rage incident Twitter/Bay News 9
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