Employees at Kryptane Systems, an engineering company in Louisville, Colo., didn’t know what to think when they found their storefront in shambles. The glass doors were completely shattered.

But once the surveillance video was watched, the situation quickly took a turn for the bizarre.

Fox31 Denver reports that a group of goats walked up to the and began to break the doors with their horns. They also left some droppings at the site.

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“For 20 minutes [one goat] just sat and banged on that one side until he broke it, and then he left and came back and decided to break the other side too. I don’t know why. That was just to be mean I guess,” recalled company engineer Greg Cappert.

“We understand the description is he’s very hairy, has some large horns, and is possibly hooved,” joked Louisville Police Department Commander Jeff Fisher.

Cappert warned the city’s residents to protect their doors at night as the goat gang was still at large.

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