On Friday night, police released a video of them storming an area belonging to Todd Kohlhepp, who, in a horrific killing spree, murdered seven people.

Last week, he pleaded guilty to those murders as well as four counts of possession of a weapon during a violent crime, two counts of kidnapping and one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, according to WYFF.

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The video shows the moments in which Kala Brown was rescued from a shipping container where Kohlhepp was believed to be holding her hostage. The once successful real estate agent-turned-mass murderer was sentenced to seven life sentences.

Brown was reported missing on November 4 and was rescued by police on Kohlhepp’s property, where they also found three bodies, including the body of the kidnapped woman’s boyfriend.

At 15, Kohlhepp was convicted of kidnapping a 14-year-old girl, and police say that he raped her. He was sentenced to fourteen years in prison and released in 2001.

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Brown reportedly watched her boyfriend get shot. One of the officers on the scene described the area where Brown was being held as “a shark cage […] like you would put underwater.” Brown also reportedly worked for Kohlhepp in the past as a cleaner.

A former FBI investigator who worked to track serial killers once stated, “A very conservative estimate is that there are between 25 and 50 active serial killers in the United States at any time.”

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