Warning: the footage in this article contains vulgar language.

A Southern California high school teacher Gregory Salcido is facing immense backlash after a tape of him disparaging the miltitary goes viral.

In a series of videos, Salcido, 49, was secretly recorded in a student in his classroom bashing servicemen and servicewomen. The vulgar footage was spread after being posted on Facebook by a woman claiming to be a friend of the unnamed student’s mother, reported the Daily Mail.

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“My friend’s son was sporting his marine sweater while this liberal douche teacher rants about the military,” wrote Kimberlie Flauto. She called for the public to “make this go viral.” The stealthily shot video did not feature Salcido or any students’ faces, but officials at El Rancho High confirmed the speaker and that it was taped in a classroom.

“Think about the people who you know are over there. Your freakin’ stupid Uncle Louie or whatever,” Salcido can be heard saying while students laugh in the background. “They’re dumb s***ts. They’re not like high-level thinkers. They’re not academic people. They’re not intellectual people.”

He continued his disgusting remarks, adding that service people are “the freakin’ lowest of our low. Not morally – I’m not saying they make bad moral decisions – they’re not talented people.”

District Superintendent Karling Aguilera-Fort told the Orange County Register that an investigation is being conducted into the incident. According to the El Rancho high staff directory, Salcido teaches U.S Government and Politics and Sociology, in addition to serving as a Pico Rivera City Councilman.


“We cannot expose the disciplinary measures because it is a personnel matter, but there will be disciplinary measures taken,” Aguilera-Fort said. “Our first priority is to assure the community that what was said does not reflect the values of the El Rancho community and the El Rancho board.”

The unnamed student told the OCR that he’d only meant to show the video to his mother, but she shared it to her friends. As a relative of Marine veterans, the 17-year-old student found the comments to be “disrespectful.”

“It was so disrespectful to my dad and my uncles and all veterans and those still in the military,” he said.

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The Pico Rivera Mayor released a press release issuing support for and “recognition that [military service peoples’ contributions are respected and we are grateful for their service.”

This incident was reportedly not Salcido’s first complaint. He was previously placed on leave and suspended for alleged threats against students, according to the Mail.

Salcido posted his own response about the backlash, citing his belief in free speech.


“I don’t think it’s wise for me to make any comments,” he wrote on Facebook, “but I want my friends, family, and students to know we are fine and we respect the rights of free expression for all individuals.”

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