A Las Vegas massacre murder hoax consumes parts of the internet

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In the days following the shooting deaths of 59 people at a country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, an internet conspiracy theory about a second gunman has started to gain momentum.

Comments sections and message boards about the tragedy have become inundated with people trying to pass off video footage they claim proves there were more than one shooter. Authorities have confirmed that the murderous act was carried by one man, Stephen Paddock.


“I want to emphasize we believe Paddock is solely responsible for this heinous act. We are aware of the rumors outside of the media and also on social media that there was more than one assailant. We have no information or evidence to support that theory, or that rumor,” LVMPD Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo said in a press conference. “We believe there was only one shooter and that was Stephen Paddock. We are doing a thorough investigation and only want to provide what is accurate to you. We will only give information that we have vetted and know to be true.”

Despite this reassurance, people have found video that they believe shows shots coming from a fourth floor window at the Mandaly Bay Casino and Resort.

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Conspiracy sites such as Inforwars.com have run with the footage, and have wondered aloud if there was a second shooter.

Snopes.com (which is not owned by George Soros) dug into the conspiracy and picked apart several videos that claim to show a shooter. Though gunfire can be heard in some of the videos, any flash seems to only be a reflection from other entities. Police radio banter from the evening records officers clearing each floor of the hotel, and does not report any second shooter. Following the shooting, the only broken windows found at the building were those that Paddock shot out of his own hotel room. For there to have been a second shooter firing from the fourth floor, other windows would have to have been broken.

Consider this a hoax.

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