If you’ve been following the saga of Hurricane Matthew, then you’re aware of the days of preparation, evacuation and the general sense of worry that has been the focus of the news cycle for the last week.

It seems this Florida man was not worried, however. In an eight second clip, a video of Lane Pittman of Jacksonville, Florida, showed him whipping his long red hair around and holding an American flag to the tunes of Slayer, all while wearing almost nothing.

In the description of the video, Pittman wrote this: “Had a request for some hair action during the ‘cane. I granted it. #turnt #merica @Slayer @Emma Watson #hmu #rainingblood #orjustsimplyraining #redhaireverywhere #volumeup”

It seems as though Pittman has found his way to survive the hurricane that devastated Jacksonville, which included the destruction of a length of the Jacksonville Pier, and has the lens of the Internet focused at him for a moment, which it seems he wants to use to try and get the attention of Slayer and Emma Watson.

Let’s hope that the “Harry Potter” star is impressed by a man brave enough to hang out in hurricanes and that Slayer can appreciate such a die hard fan.

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A man from Florida decided to try and ride out Hurricane Matthew in his own special way Facebook/Screenshot @Lane Pittman
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