A Texas man was arrested for threatening a mass shooting at an NFL playoff game


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A man hailing from San Antonio, Texas, is in custody after allegedly threatening to kill NFL fans and players and himself during Sunday’s playoff game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Pittsburgh Steelers at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field.

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The alleged mass shooting was going to be undertaken by Yuttana Choochongkol, 30, according to the arrest affidavit, KSAT reported.

The affidavit said the man made multiple threats, and that on Thursday, KDKA in Pittsburgh received a threat from Choochongkol that read:

This Sunday’s playoff game in Pittsburgh is going to be like no other. Why? Because it’s going to be my last day on this pathetic planet. So why not take some innocent lives with me?  The Steelers game will be packed, and that’s when I plan on killing Steelers football players and fans before taking my own pitiful life. After all, what does a person that is going to commit suicide have to lose? Absolutely nothing. So why not take out some million dollar Steelers players before me? Sounds like a good idea. Hahahahahah

Choochongkol allegedly sent the same threat to the director of security for Heinz Field. The threat was uploaded to heinzfield.com using an identical username and IP address as the KDKA threat, according to the affidavit.

Both Heinz Field officials and KDKA forwarded the IP address to the FBI. Investigators then tracked it to a company called Worldwide Clinical Trials in San Antonio, the affidavit said. Authorities interviewed workers at the company and studied security camera footage, then identified Choochongkol as their suspect.

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Charged with making a terroristic threat to the public, Choochongkol is said to have worked as a medical trial subject with the company 25 times since 2011.

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