A Michigan woman claims she found an unexpected ingredient in a sandwich she ordered from McDonald’s Wednesday.

Andrea Calkins told WXYZ that she found a worm in her Filet-O-Fish sandwich. She said she noticed something in the fish patty and pulled it out with her nail. When she laid it out on top of the sandwich bun, she realized it was a worm. She took a photo of the sandwich and the worm.

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Calkins returned the sandwich to the McDonald’s where she purchased it, and a refund was provided. Calkins told WXYZ that employees were “horrified” by her claim.

She said she’ll never eat at a McDonald’s again.

The Oakland County Health Department is looking into Calkins’ complaint.

In a statement to WXYZ, McDonald’s said food safety is a top priority and that they are investigating Calkins’ claim.

A Michigan woman’s disgusting McDonald’s experience may have you thinking twice before taking your next bite (AP Photo/Seth Perlman, File)