A Manhattan real estate broker who had sexual relationship with a married man is now suing her lover’s wife and members of her family for $5 million.

Alice Bahar claims they were threatening her with bodily harm, including breaking her legs and disfiguring her after they learned of the affair, the New York Post reported.

Bahar, 37, feared the wife was preparing to hire a goon to hurt her after the seething spouse, 35-year-old Charlet Sanieoff, left a voicemail for Bahar saying she would do just that if Bahar didn’t return jewelry from her cheating husband, Abraham Sanieoff.

“What you have is a family affair where a husband cheats on his wife, and then instead of the wife being angry at the husband, they go on the attack trying to destroy the woman he seduced,” Bahar’s lawyer Robert Hantman said.

Information regarding the voice message was referenced in the court filing and was obtained by the New York Post. The message contained explicit language.

“Trust me when I tell you, you have 24 hours. One day, one day left to give me back every single gift. Write it down you dumb b—h …. If it’s not in my hands in one day, one day I will give him the order to break both of your mother-f—ing legs,” the voice on the message says. “He’ll just make it look like an accident. He’ll just make it look like you fell down a flight of stairs. You can run, you can hide, my team is watching you.

The voice message continued: “…I got good news for you, you’re not cut out for brokerage, but Whores-R-Us is looking for you! You’ll be their No. 1 star. Twenty-four hours! Mail them!”

In the message, the angry wife described her hired man, who would inflict the violence as “black, 6-foot-4, and … 319 pounds” in the February message.

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Charlet Sanieoff, who was arrested by the New York Police Department in March over the messages, also got her mother and two brothers involved, having them warn Bahar that “they were going to destroy her life and do something to her face so she could never look the same,” according to the civil suit.

Bahar said she met Abraham Sanieoff when she was the real estate broker for one of his West Village rental properties. Her attorney told the New York Post that Sanieoff kept sending her emails propositioning her, but that she continually told him no, telling him he’s a married man.

But, she finally relented, and they used one of his properties for the affair, and now headlines, like the one below from the New York Post, are circulating.

New York Post/Screenshot

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“They had an affair, she admits that. The claim is that after the fact the wife found out about it, and the wife sent the most threatening messages you can imagine,” Hantman told the Post.

Bahar got a restraining order against the wife in July, and harassment charges were dropped this week after Charlet Sanieoff left Bahar alone for six months, the Post reported.

But Bahar still wants the Sanieoffs, who remain married, to pay up for her “extreme mental and emotional distress.”

“Nothing was actually my fault,” Bahar told The Post. “I had to go through a difficult time because of these people. They never left me alone.”