A music video featuring a child burning a Donald Trump doll is sparking widespread controversy Facebook/New Mystics

A band going by the name New Mystics is gaining some attention on the internet after they posted a music video for their song “Modern” that features a young girl throwing a Donald Trump doll into a fire while the frontman cries, “The modern age is over.” The caption for the video reads, “Hey Donald Trump, the youth of our nation has been watching #trumpwelldone,” and it has over 6000 views on Facebook.

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In an interview with Red Alert Politics, the band said that while they “know it’s controversial, this remains art, and art shares a longstanding history of presenting itself as provocative.” They stated that they don’t mean specifically for the video to be attacking Trump, but rather that the message is “to not discount the youth” saying, “We need to be mindful of the generation we are raising based on our examples.”

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A number of bands have come out hard against Trump. Green Day, who lampooned George W. Bush with their album and song “American Idiot,” blasted Trump with a song entitled “Troubled Times” and a music video that used clips from civil rights marches juxtaposed with images of barbed wire and brick fences. On the other side of the aisle, thrash metal band Slayer posted a photo on their Instagram, saying they “never would have guessed that there where so many snowflakes commenting their distaste for the new president. Like him or not he is the president.”

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