According to the Virginian-Pilot, a Navy SEAL is facing federal charges for molesting a sleeping child. Petty Officer 1st Class Gregory Kyle Seerden of SEAL team 1 was arrested this week in San Diego where he was stationed. He was in the process of being transferred to Virginia, however, and will be arraigned on four felonies there, including the production of child pornography.

Navy officials confirmed to the New York Post that they are working with authorities on the matter and that Seerden is, in fact, an active-duty member assigned to a Naval Special Warfare. The charges against him stemmed from a Naval Criminal Investigative Service probe into an unrelated case in which he was accused of raping a woman in a Norfolk, Virginia, hotel. However, he does not currently face any charges in that incident.

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In that case, a woman reported that Seerden raped her last January after blacking out from drinking with him while he was on temporary duty in the city. NCIS agents received authorization to search his cell phone and found dozens of images of “prepubescent girls and boys engaged in sex acts,” at least one of which involved “a naked child and aroused dog.”

In all, 78 images of suspected child pornography were found. Additionally, agents found four videos and one photo, which appeared to have been created with his cell phone, showing a man masturbating next to a sleeping girl and molesting her. While the man’s face was not captured by the camera, his clothes pointed authorities to Seerden.

If convicted, he faces a minimum of 15 years in prison if convicted of the child production charge alone.

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A Navy SEAL was charged with molesting a young girl on camera after what authorities found on his phone AP Photo/Joel Page
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