A neurosurgeon and two nurses are facing charges for child sexual abuse, and the prosecution alleges that they were planning something even more disturbing

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A California brain surgeon arrested in May, along with his two female nurses, for allegedly performing sex acts on seven children under the age of 13 is now facing another set of highly disturbing allegations.

Dr. James Kohut, 57, is alleged to have raped minors for two decades and sought to impregnate women so he could later have incestuous sex with their children. Kohut has been in jail since May 14 after being charged with 11 felony counts that included sodomy, lewd acts with children, forcible lewd acts with children and other related offenses involving at least seven minors.

According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the brain surgeon wanted to be called “Daddy.”

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Kohut’s nurses, Emily Stephens, 29, and Rashel Brandon, 42, who were also his lovers, were arrested last month over alleged sex crimes targeting children.

When Kohut’s attorney field a motion asking the judge to set bail for the doctor’s release last week, Assistant District Attorney Steve Moore wrote an opposition motion that detailed a series of disturbing allegations against Kohut dating back to at least 1997, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

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“For nearly 20 years, the defendant has had a fixed sexual desire to be part of multiple ‘taboo families,’ where the parents raise their children sexually,” Moore wrote. “He has a specific desire to have sex with a mother and a daughter. He then wants to impregnate the daughter and raise the child sexually in the ‘taboo’ family lifestyle.”

Moore’s report detailed that the doctor had a preference for children between ages 6 and 8, and preyed on children in California, Ohio, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada and Australia. He wrote that multiple law enforcement agencies in several different states, as well as the FBI and Australian Federal Police, have investigated Kohut over the past two decades.

However, he has never been convicted of any crime.

Kohut is married and has two college-age children. Brandon is also married and has three children. They both remain in custody at the Santa Cruz County Jail. Stephens is being extradited from Arizona to California.

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