A cemetery outside of Newark, New Jersey, was the site of a gruesome discovery Wednesday when police were called after receiving reports a decomposing corpse. When officers arrived, they found a nude, male corpse lying facedown in water.

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According to the police report obtained by, the officer wrote that he “observed that the gravesite was not filled in and that human remains were exposed to the elements and not properly placed in a coffin-type box.” A family said that they went to visit the grave of a woman, but they noticed that the grave was open. The family mistook the corpse as belonging to their relative.

The officer wrote, “We observed the decomposing, partially submerged, unclothed body of a male, who was laying facedown on top of a coffin, which was submerged in water and other fluids.” Groundskeepers filled in the grave and removed the body.

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A New Jersey cemetery is in trouble after police found a naked, decomposing body on the grounds (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)
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