A one-year-old in Staten Island, NY. is getting a second chance at life.

Emergency services received a call on Sunday night from a 35-year-old mother, worried that her daughter was unconscious and couldn’t breathe properly, reported the NY Daily News. The girl ingested some methadone — an opioid medication used to help curb opioid addiction — belonging to her mother as she slept.

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“I saw them running, her on the phone, and then two minutes after, the cops came,” recalled 45-year-old neighbor Cathy Zimbardo. “There was a couple who went inside with them. They were running back and forth. I didn’t know what to think. It was obvious it was horrible, what was going on.”

Emergency services appeared to the house and gave the baby naloxone (Narcan) to help reverse the effects of the overdose. She was then taken to Staten Island University Hospital, said to be in serious, but stable condition.

Law enforcement determined the incident to be a mistake. No arrests have been made.

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